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Tampa, FL

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My name is Amy Krupp and I founded Precision Dog Training in October of 2007. I am the Owner and a Certified Trainer. I received my certification as a Professional Dog Trainer through the Animal Behavior College. This is a program that emphasizes the importance of positive reinforcement techniques in dog training. My certification took over a year to complete and was very comprehensive. I spent a great deal of time studying how dogs learn, effective positive training techniques and behavior modification. While enrolled with the Animal Behavior College I worked closely with a Mentor trainer and spent several months volunteering.

I am very passionate about dog training. Prior to training, I was a Veterinary Technician for over 15 years . Working as a Certified Pet Dog Trainer with Veterinary Technician experience allows me to incorporate many aspects of a dog’s life. Since starting Precision Dog Training in 2007, I have trained a wide variety of breeds of all age groups with diverse needs and issues. I have also trained and competed in obedience, Schutzhund, agility, flyball, confirmation, dock- diving and sheep herding with my own American Bulldogs.

When I made the choice to pursue dog training as a career I felt it was exceedingly important to become certified. I wanted to be sure that I found a school that was passionate about dog training and well regarded with an outstanding curriculum. The Animal Behavior College was a wonderful program and great learning experience.

I firmly believe that a well-mannered dog makes pet ownership more enjoyable and meaningful. Through training, owner and dog strengthen their bond and create a mutual friendship and respect. Unfortunate, but true - most dogs who end up in shelters do so because of lack of training and the resulting behavioral issues. I want to help reduce these numbers by teaching beloved pets to become well-behaved, well mannered, members of their families through training and behavior modification.

Let me assist you and your dog regarding any training or behavioral issues that you may be experiencing. I would love to help! I look forward to hearing from you!


Amy M. Krupp BS, CPDT


K9 Training Camp

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Your dog will live with me, in my home, training and socializing with other dogs during a 4 week Training Camp Program. Learning the basic obedience commands (On Leash), leash manners and good house manners. Training in real world environments, (Parks, Pet Stores, Hardware Stores, Outlet Malls and Outdoor Dining).

Novice Obedience Training (On Leash)

Advanced Obedience Training (Off Leash)

Your dog will live with me, in my home, training and socializing with other dogs during a 4 week Training Camp Program. This is the follow up program to the Novice Obedience Training Program. The Advanced Obedience Training Program is designed to teach your dog to follow basic obedience commands off leash. Training in real world environments, (Parks, Pet Stores, Hardware Stores, Outlet Malls and Outdoor Dining).

Potty Training

This is a 3 week Puppy Potty Training and Socialization Program done in my home. Your puppy will also learn to be comfortable in his/her crate and will be socialized in real world environments, (Parks, Pet Stores, Hardware Stores, Outlet Malls and Outdoor Dining).

Client Testimonials

I have used Precision Dog Training on two different occasions 3 years apart and have enjoyed having well behaved dogs that I can take out in public. The care that Amy takes in training the dogs by welcoming them into her house is evident. Both Calvin & Baloo went in as unruly puppies and came out a month later well behaved puppies. I would recommend Amy to anyone.
The Schlemmer Family
Tampa, FL
We are so very thankful that Amy Krupp was referred to us. Our boxer (Henrietta) was six months when she went to Amy for a month of training. Amy was very professional throughout the entire process. She spent time on the phone explaining what we could expect as a result of the training. Any calls that I made were returned within the day and usually within the hour. Amy takes time to explain anything/everything you may have questions about. She also sent articles/links/etc so that I could do further research with regards to food and healthcare. While Henrietta was at training we received weekly updates and pictures. I knew our dog was in good hands. When Amy brought her home she spent plenty of time going through commands and working with us. The difference in our dog was astonishing! We could not be happier with the training she received. Follow up training is included too. I know I can call Amy with any question and she will help out. Obviously Amy is passionate about what she does. The training Henrietta received was worth every penny. We have also had Amy care for our dog while we were traveling. Again, this was a very positive experience for us and our dog.
The Plaszcz Family
Dunedin, FL
Amy, thank you so much for your wonderful training skills. You have trained 2 of my grand dogs and now my own dog, Max. He is a totally new dog since getting him back after 4 weeks of your training!  He is so well behaved now and so pleasurable to be around. Thanks you so much for the excellent training and your hard work!
The Pearce Family
Ocala, FL
At 9 months old I sent Nahla to be trained by Amy. As hard as it was to leave my baby, I knew she was in great hands. Amy is a joy to work with and has a true gift with dogs. You can truly see her love for the dogs she works with. After 4 weeks when I picked Nahla up I could not believe how wonderful she was! Nahla no longer jumps on people, walks on her leash beautifully, listens to me, and best of all, is potty trained! I highly recommend Amy and Precision Dog Training to anyone with a stubborn pup! Thank you Amy for changing mine and Nahla's life! Thank you!
The Hand Family
Miami, FL
We are so thankful for Amy and her Precision Dog Training camp! We moved to the area in the spring with our puppy and needed a place for him to stay while we were in a temporary apartment. He really loved his time with Amy and when he came back home he was so well trained. When Amy brought him back home to us she was very thorough in explaining the training method and made sure we understood it and were comfortable implementing it. I know that he enjoyed being there so much because he is so excited every time Amy comes to pick him up to board with her! She does a great job of socializing the dogs and taking them out in public. Anytime I have a question concerning his training I am very comfortable picking up the phone to call her and she is always so reassuring and helpful. And I can always enjoy a vacation knowing that our dog is well cared for and enjoying his vacation at Precision Dog Training!
The Edmonds Family
Tampa, FL
When we got our new puppy, we thought training would somehow fall into place. The books we read made it sound easy. We soon found we needed expert help. Our dog, Sadie, went to training for a month with Amy at Precision Dog Training and came back as a well trained puppy. Amy taught Sadie how to come when called, loose leash walking, heel, sit and stay. Amy helped us tremendously with an organized training schedule once we were home and tips on how to use simple commands in different situations. She not only showed us how to train our dog, but gave us lots of valuable information about what works and why. Our family is able to relax more, and we are all happier because of Sadie's training. All our Best - Keep up what you’re doing!
The Roberts Family
Ocala, FL
Amy and Precision Dog training was recommended to us by a close friend and we couldn’t have been more pleased! With three younger children, we knew we needed to make sure our two Weimaraner puppies, Cole & Chloe, were well trained. Amy took time with us to understand what was going on and what we wanted the outcome to be from training. Prior to training, our puppies were hyper, pulled excessively and big jumpers. They had great personalities they just started to get a little unmanageable. Amy took both of our puppies together and trained them for four weeks, when they were returned we were so impressed with the improvement. Basic commands were perfect, walking was a pleasure and they were even more calm. What was even more impressive was how easy it was to build on their training from the foundation she set. I would recommend anyone with pets who needed a little training and assistance to Amy. It has been an amazing experience and our puppies have been amazing! Thanks you AMY!
The Culver Family
Tampa, FL
We initially looked for a trainer because we could not get our mini Australian Shepherd house trained. After speaking with Amy we decided to send Louie for the full training program. We had never had a dog professionally trained, so we did not know what to expect. When he came home all of our expectations were exceeded. Louie was fully house trained and has not had any accidents. But better than that, he is extremely obedient due to the training. He was a great dog before the training, and after, just an absolute joy to be part of our family. We highly recommend Amy and her program!
The Guerra Family
Tampa, FL
Mishka was 8 months when we made a decision to get her trained. I've done extensive research, and after talking to many different trainers and their methods, I felt the most comfortable with Amy. Every week we would get an update on new skills Mishka had acquired. After 4  weeks I got my puppy back, and oh my what a difference! We were comfortable going to public places with her, if we had company at the house she new "place" and stay, and leave it. She sits and waits patiently until I get my daughter settled in the car, then she gets to get in. She's still our loving and playful family Samoyed, but with very good manners! Thanks, Amy!
Natalia Levey
Tampa, FL
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