Precision Dog Training

We are so very thankful that Amy Krupp was referred to us. Our boxer (Henrietta) was six months when she went to Amy for a month of training. Amy was very professional throughout the entire process. She spent time on the phone explaining what we could expect as a result of the training. Any calls that I made were returned within the day and usually within the hour. Amy takes time to explain anything/everything you may have questions about. She also sent articles/links/etc so that I could do further research with regards to food and healthcare.

While Henrietta was at training we received weekly updates and pictures. I knew our dog was in good hands. When Amy brought her home she spent plenty of time going through commands and working with us. The difference in our dog was astonishing! We could not be happier with the training she received. Follow up training is included too. I know I can call Amy with any question and she will help out. Obviously Amy is passionate about what she does. The training Henrietta received was worth every penny. We have also had Amy care for our dog while we were traveling. Again, this was a very positive experience for us and our dog. 

The Plaszcz Family
Dunedin, FL


I have used Precision Dog Training on two different occasions 3 years apart and have enjoyed having well behaved dogs that I can take out in public. The care that Amy takes in training the dogs by welcoming them into her house is evident. Both Calvin & Baloo went in as unruly puppies and came out a month later well behaved puppies. I would recommend her to anyone.

The Schlemmer Family
Tampa, FL

Amy, thank you so much for your wonderful training skills. You have trained 2 of my grand dogs and now my own dog, Max. He is a totally new dog since getting him back after 4 weeks of your training!  He is so well behaved now and so pleasurable to be around. Thanks you so much for the excellent training and your hard work!

The Pearce Family
Ocala, FL

We rescued a very nice, sweet puppy and quickly found he was also very stubborn.  He was smart but did not always do what we wanted him to do.  He wouldn't even go for a walk, imagine that, a dog that didn't like to go for a walk.  We heard about Amy from some friends of ours and contacted her to get Wrigley trained.  Even before our training Amy was willing to help us out with some advice and it started to work but Wrigley was still hard to handle. We had some serious concerns with spending the money to have him trained and the training not to work, but Amy told us she was confident she could work with him.  After 4 weeks of training we have a completely different dog.  He is very obedient, likes to go for a walk, and enjoys continuing to train. I would recommend Amy and Precision Dog Training to anyone needing a dog trained. 

The Humphrey's Family
Odessa, FL


As a single, working professional, it is challenging to put all the effort and time into your puppy that you'd like to or plan on doing so when they enter your life. I was super excited to add a new member to my family when I picked out my chocolate lab puppy. But, I quickly found that even on his best days, he was a LOT of work. I never want to have one of "those" dogs where people cringe when they think of coming over, or say "no thanks" when you ask them to watch him while you're away. My 8 month old puppy started to pick up some bad habits - jumping up, counter surfing, creeping big time while his human was attempting eat...and I had no time or real idea how to even start any kind of behavior modification. Enter Amy!! August went through K9 training camp, and came home a total dreamboat - easy to walk, listens and responds to commands, and just generally a calmer over all demeanor. Amy's style with training is more realistic than most out there, and I really liked her energy when working with my was an energy that said "I’m in charge" without frenetic dramatics or a raised voice. You will have your dog for many years, and it’s so important to put the investment in giving them a foundation of being well behaved, for a long, happy life where you bring joy to each other. Thanks so much Amy for giving us that foundation!

Jeannine & August
Tampa, FL


Earlier this year we decided to add a very sweet and "energetic" boxer puppy to our already busy family. Yes, there have been many days when we have questioned our sanity in making this decision (with a 2, 4 and 9 year old… mostly the 2 year old) -- and then we found Precision Dog Training, LLC. After a month of intense training, Lola is now a well-behaved and good dog, which has restored some peace to our household (if only they offered training for 2yr olds too:). So…if you live in the Tampa area and need an amazing trainer for your pup, definitely check it out!!!

The Corrado Family
Tampa, FL


I approached Amy Krupp of Precision Dog Training, LLC because my husband and I tried everything we could ourselves to train and domesticate our 1-year old Labrador Retriever, Marshall. Running out of options and pretty much pulling our hair out because our Marshall was not getting along with our 4 year old son, jumped on everyone and everything, showed aggressive behavior and just did not get respect us overall; we knew we had to seek help outside. I found Amy Krupp of Precision Dog Training, LLC through my online search and was quickly interested in learning more about Amy’s 4-week training program. After having a conversation with Amy over the phone about all of our issues and her method of training, we made the best decision by sending Marshall under her care for 4 weeks of training. We were not used to sending our dog out of our home for that long but Amy made the 4 weeks very comfortable for us. She kept communication very open, was always available for check-in and questions, gave us weekly reports and sent us pictures and training video of our Marshall! Once the training was complete, Marshall came back to our home so excited to see us but very well trained. Amy took time with us to make sure Marshall was situated in our home and educate us on the commands he now knew. Fast forward to over a month, we have a very well behaved Labrador retriever who respects us and is able to get along with our son and happily be around us as a family member. Amy continues to stay in contact with us about Marshall and if we have any questions she is always available to answer them. I highly recommend Amy Krupp of Precision Dog Training, LLC to anyone needing help with their dog!

The Carrera Family
Tampa, FL


Precision Dog Training is amazing!

We entrusted Amy with our brand new import boxer, Theo and the results were awesome! After having a not so great experience before Amy with another well- known dog obedience program in Tampa, we were very leery of letting our new pup leave. Amy took excellent care of Theo while he spent 4 weeks with her and came home a new puppy. He knows all of the basic commands and then some! Even our children can walk him without being pulled down and he doesn’t jump on friends and neighbors when they come into our home. Amy’s passion and enthusiasm really shows and it is reflected in her work! I would highly recommend Amy Krupp and Precision Dog Training to anyone looking to have their four legged companion to become the dog they have always wanted.

Tracie Kudla
Tampa, FL


Amy and Precision Dog training was recommended to us by a close friend and we couldn’t have been more pleased! With three younger children, we knew we needed to make sure our two Weimaraner puppies, Cole & Chloe, were well trained. Amy took time with us to understand what was going on and what we wanted the outcome to be from training. Prior to training, our puppies were hyper, pulled excessively and big jumpers. They had great personalities they just started to get a little unmanageable. Amy took both of our puppies together and trained them for four weeks, when they were returned we were so impressed with the improvement. Basic commands were perfect, walking was a pleasure and they were even more calm. What was even more impressive was how easy it was to build on their training from the foundation she set. I would recommend anyone with pets who needed a little training and assistance to Amy. It has been an amazing experience and our puppies have been amazing! Thanks you AMY!

The Culver Family
Tampa, FL


When we first brought home our German Shepherd, Tug, at 7 weeks we knew he was going to be a handful. Little did we know how much of a handful! After being at wits end with our strong willed little man we called up Amy at Precision Dog Training who was highly recommended and sent him to the 4-week K-9 Training course. Each week we received videos of Tug’s improvement and by the first week I was already thoroughly impressed. Amy helped turned our unruly, strong-willed pup into a more obedient and calm-mannered little gentleman! The training not only benefited us but also helped give Tug a more relaxed demeanor and he seems to really enjoy obedience. With Amy’s help we now can manage all 80 pounds (and still growing) of our energetic Shepherd and Tug is a much happier pup! Amy truly loves the dogs she works with and her passion shows through in her work. I would highly recommend Amy and am so grateful to her for helping us with Tug.

Kevin and Jessica
Tampa, FL


We searched the Tampa area thoroughly for a trainer for our new puppy and after a few brief emails and a couple phone conversations we chose Amy Krupp with Precision Dog Training. We enrolled our 6 month old German Shepherd puppy, Stella, into Amy’s 4 week K-9 Training course in hopes of transforming her from a rambunctious little misfit into a well mannered little lady. And that’s exactly what happened! Amy kept us posted every step of the way and when we got her back Amy spent an entire afternoon working with us showing us the commands and what we should expect so we could continue her training. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service she provided and give Amy the highest of recommendations. Our experience was A+.

The Prowler Family
Tampa, FL

We initially looked for a trainer because we could not get our mini Australian Sheppard house trained. After speaking with Amy, we decided to send Louie, for the full training program. We had never had a dog professionally trained, so we did not know what to expect. When he came home, all of our expectations were exceeded. Louie was fully house trained and has not had any accidents. But better than that, he is extremely obedient, due to the training. He was a great dog before the training, and after, just an absolute joy to be part of our family. We highly recommend Amy and her program!

The Guerra Family
Tampa, FL


I found Amy after searching the internet for someone who I thought would be the magical answer to help make our puppy, Zoey, the puppy we always wanted. Zoey was a rescue puppy and after a few weeks at home, she was becoming a real nightmare. She was extremely destructive, showed signs of aggression and possessiveness, and pulled on her leash like crazy. I needed help! I called Amy when Zoey was about 2 months old and explained to her the problems I was having. And although Zoey, at that time, was too young to go to the actual “bootcamp”, Amy was very helpful over the phone and told me I could call her anytime. I wasn’t even a paying customer yet but Amy still genuinely cared about the problems I was having with our new puppy. When Zoey was old enough, I knew Amy would be the perfect person to train her. Amy picked Zoey up and kept her for 4 weeks. During those 4 weeks, I got several pictures, email updates, and even training videos of Zoeys progression. When Zoey came home, I couldn’t believe the transformation! Zoey was a different dog! We had friends come over later that week and they couldn’t believe the change either. Not only was Zoey more obedient, but she actually seemed “happier” and far more relaxed. Amy did an amazing job with Zoey. I would never let Zoey stay anywhere else but with Amy for boarding also. Thank you, Amy, for everything you have done with Zoey. You will always be the “Zoey whisperer” to our family!

The Scott Family
Tampa, FL


"At 9 months old I sent Nahla to be trained by Amy. As hard as it was to leave my baby, I knew she was in great hands. Amy is a joy to work with and has a true gift with dogs. You can truly see her love for the dogs she works with. After 4 weeks when I picked Nahla up I could not believe how wonderful she was! Nahla no longer jumps on people, walks on her leash beautifully, listens to me, and best of all, is potty trained! I highly recommend Amy and Precision Dog Training to anyone with a stubborn pup! Thank you Amy for changing mine and Nahla's life!"
Thank you!

Morgan B.
Miami, FL


We adopted an adorable and energetic little Corgi into our family. She was very playful and liked very much to be in charge. We loved our little girl, however we soon became frustrated with her extremely strong will. As a herding dog she was also constantly biting us (or herding us). It was all in play but was extremely frustrating, especially for my children who desperately wanted to play with their dog. We were very concerned as to our ability to provide Pippa a good home. I was given Amy's name by a friend who had used her for his dog and had been extremely pleased with the results. After speaking with Amy I decided the option of leaving Pippa with Amy for a month was the best option for training for our family. Although my children wanted Pippa to be trained they were often counterproductive in any efforts we made.

After four weeks with Amy, Pippa came home. The change has been remarkable. Pippa no longer attempts to bite us and has had no accidents in the house in the two months since she has been back. She also is so much more affectionate and involved with our family. She has much more interest in us and always wants to be around us. She is still energetic but through training we are able to focus her energy in more positive ways. The difference in Pippa is amazing. We can't imagine our lives without this perfect little girl!

Shawna Feeney
Tampa, FL


Ode to Amy
Mishka was 8 months when we made a decision to get her trained. I've done extensive research, and after talking to many different trainers and their methods, I felt the most comfortable with Amy. Every week we would get a video update on new skills Mishka had acquired. After 4 long weeks I got my puppy back, and oh, my what a difference! We were comfortable going to public places with her, if we had company at the house, she new "place", and stay, and leave it. She sits and waits patiently until I get my daughter settled in the car, then she gets to get in. She's still our loving and playful family Samoyed, but with very good manners!
Thanks, Amy!

Natalia Levey
Apollo Beach, FL


We are so thankful for Amy and her Precision Dog Training camp! We moved to the area in the spring with our puppy and needed a place for him to stay while we were in a temporary apartment. He really loved his time with Amy and when he came back home he was so well trained. When Amy brought him back home to us she was very thorough in explaining the training method and made sure we understood it and were comfortable implementing it. I know that he enjoyed being there so much because he is so excited every time Amy comes to pick him up to board with her! She does a great job of socializing the dogs and taking them out in public. Anytime I have a question concerning his training I am very comfortable picking up the phone to call her and she is always so reassuring and helpful. And I can always enjoy a vacation knowing that our dog is well cared for and enjoying his vacation at Precision Dog Training!

Tampa, FL


My experience with Precision Dog Training has been great. Amy really cares about the work she does and the animals she works with. I have a nine month old Boxer named Maddux who had problems with her house breaking/potty training. I would always come home from work to find a mess in her crate and, despite multiple attempts and different methods, I was unsuccessful in breaking her of her bad habits. After four weeks with Amy, Maddux was a different dog (for the better). Not only did I notice fewer accidents, but she was trained in basic commands such as sit, lay down, etc.
I would recommend Amy to anyone who is having problems with their pets.

William Wuttke
Tampa, FL


Our dog Cutler is a yellow lab just over 1 year old. He was so wild and disobedient that we didn't think we could deal with him. Then, we had our first baby, and he was just all over the place, and we were scared that he might accidentally hurt the baby just because he was so rambunctious. So we sent him off to Amy, and when he came back, he was really like a new dog. He was more calm and still is to this day, nearly 3 months later. He understands that we are the boss, and he listens. Amy uses positive reinforcement which is what our vet recommended. Cutler knows how to sit, stay lied down, place in a certain spot and doesn't move until we release him by saying "ok". He does many other tricks and commands as well. We make him place every time before we feed him, and we make him sit and wait before he goes through a door, so that we can walk through first. He used to just barge right through us to get out the door first. Also, he will sit and stay at the bottom of our stairs, so that my wife can walk up with the baby, which helps tremendously. Amy did a fantastic job, and we just have to keep up with the commands, going through a few of them daily. If Amy can make Cutler an obedient dog, she can help any dog. It was really amazing!

David and Amber Rutkin
Land O’Lakes, FL


When we rescued Tito it was evident that she had not received any formal training. While good-natured, she was rather difficult to handle, and displayed pretty sporadic response to general commands. After 1 month of training with Amy, she has made a 180 degree turn for the better. She is now very responsive to commands and easily manageable....she goes everywhere with us.

We are so proud of her, and love the compliments we now receive about how well she behaves when we are out with her.

We chose Precision Dog Training because we wanted Tito trained in an environment that would be similar to the day-to-day activities and interactions (walking, blend with other dogs, etc) that she would be encountering living with us. Great job Amy, and thanks for all of your help.

Best Regards,
The Parkman Family
Lakeland, FL


Back in April of 2010, I was living in Atlanta with my husband and son and we were at the baseball field. A lady pulled into the parking lot, crying and saying she had to get rid of these puppies and of course, we were hooked. Here was this adorable tiny, cute, and helpless.

We tried to find a home for her but it seemed like she had found a home with us. We named her Chloe and took her to live w/ us. Shortly after this, my husband started commuting between Tampa and Atlanta, and I had a job, and....we had a new puppy. She was so cute and full of energy but we knew that if we were going to keep her she would need some training. We did not have the time to commit to doing the training ourselves. (and I didn't know what I was doing with a had been so long since I'd had one.)

I started looking online and googled 'pet training in Tampa' because i knew we were moving soon. I saw several ad's but for some reason, Precision Dog Training really struck me. So, I thought about it for a few days, and then I called the number from the website. I was so shocked when Amy actually answered the phone herself. We talked for a while, and I knew this is where we were going to send Chloe.

The first day when Amy came to get Chloe I knew Chloe was going to be in such great hands! I never once worried about Chloe or wondered what was really going on. Amy was very good about sending me emails and videos of Chloe's progress-it was very exciting. It was as if my little puppy was growing up and maturing right before my eyes. (from the video, of course)

When the day came for Chloe to return home, I was so excited and a bit nervous. But, as usual, Amy was in control of the situation, and the 'hand off'. Going through the command exercises w/ Chloe was amazing to watch and then also participate in myself. Amy made it so easy and natural to go through the commands w/ Chloe and Amy made sure that I knew the command words and understood everything clearly before she left.

Chloe is now about 11 months old and is still full of energy, but she listens and obeys. Chloe is also very eager to please and that makes is easy to go through the drills with her. Chloe is a totally different puppy since being trained with Amy at Precision Dog Training. I am so thankful that I found Amy, that her website was accurate, and she was easy to get a hold of and communicate with. It was truly a great experience for all of us.

I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone looking for a great, true, hand's on dog trainer who truly cares about her clients and their owners.

Thanks so much Amy for all you did for us!!

Melissa, Scott, Austin and Chloe Black


One weekend, our family brought home an adorable 4.5 pound puggle named Ellie and we quickly learned that now there were "3" kids to take care of -- our then 6-year old, our then 4-year old and now Ellie.

It didn't take long for Ellie to acclimate to her new home -- one night sleeping on my stomach to be exact -- and then she believed she was our master. With both mom and dad working, and the two "human" girls in school, we decided that it was important that Ellie spend her days in doggie day care and her evenings training. There are only so many flip flops we were willing to lose to puppy teeth.

Ellie was doing great at doggie day care and even passed her first two puppy training classes with flying colors. What we learned though, was that she was actually smarter than all four of us combined. Clearly, we needed a different approach if the whole family was going to make it through the puppy years.

That's about the time we heard about Amy Krupp and Precision Dog Training. Needless to say, it took us fewer than five minutes to make our decision to talk with Amy, and not much more than that to give her training approach a try.

When Ellie left for what we now refer to as Doggie University we all held our breath in hopes that our darling, now 20 pound puggle, would come home with kitchen manners, a full understanding of the family hierarchy, neighborhood walk etiquette and NO mouthing. While we missed Ellie dearly, she did just that, and it was then up to us to maintain all of Amy's good work.

Now, after about six weeks of being home, Ellie has surprised us all and maintained much of what she learned during her training. Our daughters are also more confident and controlled when working and playing with her, and she'll even leave the flip flops alone! She still requires constant reinforcement, which is very typical at this age and at this point in command learning, but she is so much more enjoyable to be around.

Amy helped make it possible for us to enjoy the time we spend as a family -- all five of us -- and for that, we are truly grateful.

Knapp Family
Tampa, FL


My husband and I have a three and a half year old sharpei named Chewey. We have had him since he was six weeks old. He was a challenge from the start. Walks were never fun as he would pull and lunge and basically take control. Having guests over was also stressful. Chewey would be very protective and it would take a few hours for him to settle down and trust our guests. Despite these challenges Chewey was our first baby and we had been through so much with him with his health issues (breed related). We were always determined to take care of him the best way possible. Almost a year ago, we had our first baby whom Chewey has been very good around. However, our human baby naturally took precedence and it became questionable if we could continue providing Chewey with the attention that he was used to having. We actually contemplated finding a home for him. How would I be able to walk my dog and bring my baby along when my husband was out of town? How could I ever bring someone into the home like a babysitter?

We used another trainer a few times and left each session not one bit more optimistic. We decided to give Amy Krupp a try as our last attempt before possibly placing Chewey with someone else. Our first training session started out with just the basics but that is what the previous training lacked. Amy keeps it very simple - starting with the basics and working your way up. My husband and I felt so hopeful right after that first session. We have had a total of five in-home trainings with Amy. I told Amy at the first training that my main goal was to be able to walk Chewey and the baby in the stroller at the same time. I thought only a miracle could make that happen. The very first time we had our walking session, Chewey behaved wonderfully and I was in total control for the first time. It was a "dog whisperer " lie.

Chewey has been a different dog since our first training session. He seems so much more well balanced. We are able to control him easily with guests and walks are now enjoyable. We undoubtedly have Amy Krupp to thank for these miracles.

Amy M.
Westchase, FL


Amy I can not thank you enough for Tonka. She is everything I have ever wanted and more. We are still working on things together but we have become a great team. From the day I saw your ad for her I told my husband I had to call. It was like a message from God after everything I had been through, out of no where there she is. The perfect timing on everything. You have a friend for life here and can see her anytime. She gets along with my other dog (Ashley) they sleep together with there heads touching if they are not that close there not happy. She is amazing with all the kids she has truly become part of the family. As for me I thank you from the bottom of my heart Tonka has given me my life back and now I can start moving on and making some dreams reality. To be honest the words on this paper can not express my true feeling for this angel and you coming into my life. Again thank you

Lutz, FL


I am writing this letter in support of Amy Krupp of Precision Dog Training. For a little over a year, I had the opportunity and pleasure of utilizing the professional services of Precision Dog Training, for both training and boarding of our dogs. Ms. Krupp came highly recommended by our veterinarian. She was eager to take on the challenge of training one of our dogs that was a young and very unmanageable puppy at the time. We utilized the 4 week puppy boot camp that Ms. Krupp offered and were very pleased with the results. When our puppy returned home, it was our turn to be “trained” and Ms. Krupp provided several follow-up sessions so the whole family, as owners, would know what to do with a consistent approach. We were even able to take our dog to the dog beach and allow her to be off the leash for the day with the confidence that we could manager her.

Ms. Krupp seems eager to accept challenges and very professional and caring in her approach to both training and care of our pets for boarding. We feel comforted by the fact that she is a trained veterinary technician. Now, we would never think of boarding our 18 year-old Lab mix anywhere else. When we return from traveling out of town, both our pets come home healthy and happy, having had a vacation of their own!

With the knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and professionalism Ms. Krupp brings to her work, I highly recommend her to others seeking dog training or boarding. In all her work, she has shown dedication and diligence in her approach to providing excellent care to our beloved pets.


Wells Family, Maggie and Coco
Tampa, FL


When we got our new puppy, we thought training would somehow fall into place. The books we read made it sound easy. We soon found we needed expert help. Our dog, Sadie, went to training for a month with Amy at Precision Dog Training and came back as a well trained puppy. Amy taught Sadie how to come when called, loose leash walking, heel, sit and stay. Amy helped us tremendously with an organized training schedule once we were home and tips on how to use simple commands in different situations. She not only showed us how to train our dog, but gave us lots of valuable in formation about what works and why. Amy uses only positive reinforcement, and no punishment. Our family is able to relax more, and we are all happier because of Sadie's training.

All our Best - Keep up what you’re doing!

Sarah, Fred and Sadie
Ocala, FL

“I contacted Amy because I had lost control of my dog, Kuma, and was really nervous about taking him out to parks or even for walks where other people would be around. After scheduling a consultation and seeing Amy’s calm assertive manner towards Kuma and in turn his positive reaction to her, I knew immediately he would be in good hands. I decided his best option would be the K9 Training Camp so he could be taken to a different environment and become totally rehabilitated. Amy took Kuma everywhere and he had a blast going to parks and stores and playing with other dogs at her home. Kuma came back a happy and well mannered dog. More importantly, after he came home, Amy spent a month teaching my family and I the skills needed to keep up with his training. Now we have the tools to manage Kuma and it’s a pleasure to take him to parks and for walks. I’m so glad I found Amy because Kuma is finally the awesome dog I always knew he could be!”

Thanks a ton again!

Aya H.
Safety Harbor, Fl

We obtained Remington (a Schipperke), form a breeder when was 9 months old. It was apparent from the start he needed a lot of training.

I met Amy at a local vet office. As we talked about Remington, she indicated she was a trainer and would come to my home. Just what I had been looking for! Training in Remington’s environment. Amy is wonderful! So many ideas for different situations. After each session, Amy followed up with an email reviewing the session. She even brought her dogs to help with Remington’s outside social skills.

We used Amy to board Remington for seven days. Again, I was so much at ease. Remington felt at home--- big yard, friendly dogs and of course, Amy. Her compassion, love and devotion are outstanding.

Roseann V.
Tampa, Florida

Amy started training my Boxer, Zoey, when she was just 6 months old. I wanted a dog that would be social with both people and other dogs, and able to walk without getting dragged down the street.

I also wanted her to know her basic commands. We started with private lessons, and worked on all the basics. Amy’s love of dogs is evident when you first meet her. She has a lot of different ideas to try on the dogs, incase they don’t figure out the first way to learn something. Once Zoey had the basics down, Amy had several of her clients get together for group lessons, which was a great way for the dogs to socialize as well as learn how to behave around other animals when out walking. Amy’s a wealth of information on dog traits and issues which is extremely helpful when trying to determine why your dog does something and the best way to correct it.

When we travel, we use Amy’s dog sitting service for Zoey. She has a great time playing with Amy’s dogs and her yard is perfect for doggy play! We know Zoey is getting excellent care and having a ball while we are away.

Kathy V.
Tampa, Florida

We first met Amy thru our vet nearly 2 years ago and are big fans. We have used Amy for both training and pet sitting for our 9 year old mini-Australian and our 1.5 year old Golden. She is fabulous- a true dog lover with none of the quirks that can accompany that label. She is knowledgeable, caring, dependable, responsive, patient and the absolute "calm assertive" that the Dog Whisperer advocates. We completely trust that our dogs are in the very best hands with Amy.

Louann H.
Tampa, Florida

Amy began training Zoe, my Great Dane, when she was 5 months old. I chose to have Amy come to my home for private lessons. We focused on basic obedience and socialization using Amy’s positive training methods. Zoe also suffered from separation anxiety. Fortunately, with Amy’s help and knowledge Zoe is now a far less anxious dog. The private lessons were very personal and provided myself and Zoe a great deal of one-on-one attention that we may not have received in a group class setting. I am pleased to say that I now have a well behaved, social dog and I am a very happy owner as a result. My experience with Precision Dog Training was awesome!

Lisa K.
Land O’Lakes, FL

Our dog Greta regularly stays with Amy for boarding while we are away. Both my husband and I have jobs that require us to travel frequently. We have great peace of mind knowing that our little girl is being cared for by an experienced veterinary nurse and certified dog trainer. Not to mention that Amy is an animal lover too! Greta always has a great time running and playing in Amy’s huge yard immediately followed by a nap on the couch!

Judy E.
New Port Richey, FL

My dog Oakley, a Pit Bull Terrier, spent one month with Precision Dog Training for their K9 Training Camp. K9 Training Camp was exactly what I was looking for. I have a job that did not allow me the time to dedicate to training and socializing my young dog. It was important to me and my family that we had a dog with excellent training and socialization since there is so much negativity towards the breed. Amy created a training protocol to specifically target our dog’s issues and our goals. Amy took him everywhere, shopping centers, parks, trails, etc, in order to provide him with lots of socialization and training in a “real world” environment. The results were everything we had hoped for and more. Our dog Oakley is well mannered, very friendly, and beloved family member. Even our 6 yr. old daughter can take him for a walk!

Jason C.
Tampa, FL


Professional. Positive. Personal.